Student-athlete Dhriti Shines at Hamdard Squashters Northern Slam 2024 International Tournament

New Delhi, India –
Dhriti, a Grade 5 student at Sreenidhi Sports Academy (SNSA), continues to make waves in the world of squash. She showcased exceptional talent on the court, while demonstrating remarkable academic prowess.

Dhriti’s journey at SNSA began with a 75% scholarship, a testament to her potential and performance. Recently, she represented SNSA at the Hamdard Squashters Northern Slam 2024 International Tournament held in New Delhi, where she secured an impressive 5th place.
Her achievement at such a prestigious international event is a reflection of her hard work, determination, and the world-class training in Squash she receives at SNSA. Dhriti’s success highlights her individual talent empowered by the nurturing environment and opportunities provided by SNSA.
Dhriti’s story is an inspiration to young athletes everywhere, proving that with dedication, passion, and the right support, anything is possible.

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