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We at Sreenidhi, believe that the thirst for learning and excelling is the key to success and our team of extraordinary professionals develop and push this thirst and nurture the talent. Our supportive and customized learning curriculum stimulates the creative thinking of the athlete. Your child can pursue his/her sporting dreams without compromising on academics with our team of world-class mentors and coaches and a flexible academic curriculum. Our team consists of some of the most prominent names in the sports field to provide your child with the opportunity to unleash their fullest potential.

At Sreenidhi, our athlete students can focus on their sporting growth every day without missing out on their academic development. We enable students to merge top-level coaching with a rigorous educational program that is personalized to accommodate training, tournaments, and the pressures of being a top-class athlete.

About Sree Educational Group (SEG)

Sree Educational Group (SEG) is an amalgamation of the finest educational institutions that empower students with a holistic education. The esteemed educational group includes the Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST), Sreenidhi International School (SIS), Sreenidhi Sports Academy (SNSA), Sreenidhi University and Sreenidhi Deccan Football Club.

SEG’s Sreenidhi Sports Academy(SNSA) is a world-class sporting facility that opens up new horizons and possibilities for professionals in the country to achieve global excellence. The finest sports infrastructure and player amenities are intended to create a nurturing environment for the players to emerge triumphant in top national and international tournaments.

Furthermore, Sreenidhi Sports Academy smartly blends professional sports training with academic excellence. With this unique approach, ambitious budding sports persons can perform at professional sports events with a single-minded focus, while ensuring a bright academic performance through the innovative sports-academics curriculum.

SNIST is one of the leading engineering colleges in Telangana, which offers innovation-driven education in all the major branches of engineering. Sreenidhi Sports Academy (SNSA) is an expert-designed sports training academy that empowers aspirants at excelling in a wide range of sports. Sreenidhi International School (SIS) provides the finest IB education at primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels. 

SEG has recently established the world-class Sreenidhi University, which offers the finest education through undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the emerging technologies of Computer Science Engineering that are fundamentally transforming the world – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Science (DS), Cyber Security (CS), and others.

Our Mission

We integrate best practices in sports and academics to produce well-rounded athletes. Students are challenged every day to train and perform at professional sporting excellence levels, ensuring that academic progress is integrated seamlessly to complement social, emotional, and physical development.

Our Vision

To be a high-performance sports school producing the next generation of Olympians and top athletes.

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Sreenidhi Sports Academy’s academic curriculum enables students to excel in sports and academics. The broad and balanced educational program enables students to be knowledgeable and resilient, bridging academics and elite sports. We follow the NCERT/CBSE curriculum which enables elite athletes to develop academic skills and complement their sport’s growth.

The curriculum framework is based on the CBSE syllabus which has great flexibility that suits elite athlete students. Many Sreenidhi students will graduate with a US-style diploma that opens doors to universities around the world, and for those who do not, we offer the NIOS certification.

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