Program Overview

We strive to develop talented young cricket players through dynamic training programs, best practices, and quality coaching. Our Program provides a safe and productive learning environment to develop student-athletes who can strike a fine balance between their sporting dreams and academic excellence.

We aim to provide a secure, challenging, and disciplined training environment that will empower all players to maximize and reach their greatest potential in cricket, covering all five elements of the game (tactical, technical, mental, physical, and nutritional) and life itself. We aim to integrate structured learning into all our sessions, teaching the game and imparting life lessons that can be applied beyond the field. Sreenidhi Sports Academy’s Cricket Program aims to educate our student-athletes about everything they need to flourish in their careers and lives.

Mr. Ramling Patil, Cricket Head Coach

Our head coach for cricket is a highly accomplished and resourceful champion in the sport, Mr. Ramling Patil. He has a broad experience of 17 years in the cricketing domain across the national and international circuits. He has completed the ICC Level 2 High-performance cricket coaching course and the ICC Level 1 foundation cricket coaching course. He also participated in the ICC Criiio cricket program facilitator training. Furthermore, he achieved the ICC foundation certificate 2022, Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) Level 1 Cricket Certification in 2006, and KSCA Level 1 Umpiring Certification in 2009.

Mr. Deval Chauhan, Cricket Coach

Mr. Deval Chauhan is one of our most talented and highly impactful cricket coaches with over 10 years of successfully grooming world-class cricketers. He holds Level 1 Cricket Coaching Certificate from Sports Authority of India 2015, ICC Foundation Certificate 2022, ICC Level 1 Cricket coaching, and Certification from ICC Academy, Dubai 2022.

Mr. Dipak Kumar Pathak, Cricket Coach

One of one most impactful cricket coaches Mr. Dipak Kumar Pathak has a diverse experience in the national and international cricketing arena for 13 years. He accomplished various milestones in his career including the Cricket Association Of Bengal Foundation “O” level course, the BCCI NCA Level 1 Coaches Certificate Course from Eden Garden, the BCCI NCA Hybrid Level 2 High-Performance Coaches Certificate Course, and the ICC foundation Certificate 2022.

Foundation I

  • Fun participation.
  • Overall Athletic development.
  • Development of the ABCs.
  • Introduction to the basics of throwing, catching & striking.
  • Introduction to modified & simple games NOT formal matches.
  • Participation in as many other sports and activities.
  • Well-structured and monitored program.

Foundation II

  • Introduction to general physical conditioning for cricket.
  • Shaping & patterning of more specific cricket skills.
  • Continue developing athletic skills including ABCs as part of the program.
  • Modified games to teach understanding (inclusive decision-making & game awareness) with a 4:1 Practice to competition ratio.
  • Participate in at least 3 other complementary sports to cricket.
  • Remedial programs support.
  • Develop positive attitudes to sports and other activities engaged in.


  •  Individualized training programs with special emphasis on developing speed, strength, and stamina.
  • Performance lifestyle support.
  • Development of more specific cricket skills.
  • Extension of mental toughness.
  • Continued participation in other complimentary sports with specialization in cricket towards the end of the phase.
  • Aim for minimum 2:1 practice-to-competition ratio.


  • Individual structured physical, technical, tactical & mental skills programs.
  •  Cricket-specific technical & tactical work in simulated competitive situations.
  • Mentoring & guidance by elite players.
  • Advanced mental skills training
  • Performance lifestyle support
  • Ancillary capacity support related to fitness
  • Remedial program support


  •  Maintenance Of Physical capacities.
  • Further development of match-specific skills.
  • Focus on peaking for particular matches & tours.
  • Focus on team dynamics.
  • Regular prophylactic breaks.
  • Remedial Programme support.
  • Performance Lifestyle Support.

Academy Framework

The framework is designed to highlight the potential outcomes of each of the Academy’s development stages. It is not intended to indicate a selection pathway or the only pathway to those phases. A player’s time in each stage is determined by their readiness to transition and develop. This may or may not be a linear progression.

Our Cricket Model

The model we use to identify and track players within the Academy and potential players focuses on SIX essential pillars with equal weighting between them. The model is the pillar of identifying players, tracking progress, creating individual plans, and communicating to players, parents, and coaches. Our program is created around a holistic view of player development where all elements of this model are considered when getting to understand or know a player and the current stage of development.

Balance Participation And Competition

Participation in Sreenidhi Cricket Program strives to provide a high level of involvement for all players to ensure the enjoyment of the game and create opportunities for skill development. As players progress through age groups, cricket will become progressively more competitive. As a guide, Sreenidhi strives to strike a balance between player participation and competition for various age groups.

Our guidelines for each age group have been developed within the context of the game framework. While all coaches and managers will strive to adhere to our guidelines, it is important to note that there are association rules in place to ensure broad participation. These rules include maximum individual contributions, such as batsmen retiring after reaching a certain number of runs or bowlers being limited to a maximum number of overs. These regulations help to ensure fair play and equal opportunities for all players.

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