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SNSA Squash Program


Sreenidhi Sports Academy’s squash program follows the Long-Term Development (LTD) model, which is designed to enhance each player’s potential and skill levels in squash. The LTD framework enables and empowers players to reach their full potential by defining competition, optimal training, and recovery throughout their sporting careers.

Program Philosophy

Our goal is to nurture future champions by taking each student-athlete through graduated levels of athletic development. We believe that success stems from consistent training and performing well over the long term rather than winning in the short term. SNSA squash program has been designed to provide an optimally challenging and achievable pathway for student-athletes to follow according to the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model – from the fundamentals stage through to high-performance levels.

Program Description

Our Squash program under the integrated development curriculum follows the Long-Term Development (LTD) model, which is designed to realise each aspirant’s full potential and achieve his/her professional goals in the sport. The LTD framework enables players to reach their true potential by empowering them with optimal training methodologies and tech-driven assessments.

The program is propelled forward by a team of highly-qualified coaches and support staff that assists and nurtures student-athletes to refine their skills, mental preparedness, strength, discipline, and character to achieve their life and professional goals.

Athlete Development Pathways

There are four stages of development that provide elite training maximizing, the physical, mental, and emotional development of each student-athlete.

Mr. Ravi Vinod Pandey, Squash Coach

Our squash coach Mr. Ravi Vinod Pandey is a champion in the sport and trained many squash aspirants in his 15 years of experience. He received many accolades during his career including World Squash Federation Level 1 certification, a Coaches Certificate Course From SRFI Chennai, and took part in Referee clinic course.

1. Foundation

  • The focus is on developing fundamental skills including the ABCs of agility, balance coordination, and speed.
  • Participate in a fun and challenging environment.
  • Introduction of basic rules, tactics, and strategies in games and competitions.
  • Introduction of the ancillary capacities (warm up, cool down, mobility, nutrition, and mental skills).

2. Intermediate

  • Consolidation of sports-specific fundamental skills.
  • Introduction to structured strength training, conditioning, nutrition, and periodized skill training.
  • Identification and correction of tactical and strategic errors.
  • More competition and introduction to national competitions.

3. Advanced

  • Year-round periodization.
  • Development of pattern recognition skills and situational analysis.
  • Increased emphasis on technique and tactics under pressure.
  • Introduction to International and national competitions.
  • Introduction to Training camps, tours, and competition schedule.
  • Solidify sports-specific and position-specific skills.
  • Using Imagery at an advanced level (Skills, Strategies, Coping with challenges, and Winning).

4. Elite Stage

  • Multiple periodizations with High-Performance sports-specific development.
  • Refining of all skills.
  • Maximum emphasis on technique and tactics under pressure.
  • Maximize sports-specific skills.
  • Advanced Imagery utilization.
  • Demonstrate self-control over emotions and the ability to deal with distractions/unforeseen situations.
  • Training and Recovery
  • Schedules are prepared according to various national and international competitions in a calendar.

Sports Science in Integrated Program

We believe that Sports Science is a fundamental component in the holistic development of a modern-day athlete. Our Integrated sports program is driven by science in our quest to help athletes achieve their greatest potential.

We apply the principles of Sports Science meticulously in our Squash program. Our expert coaches employ cutting-edge training techniques, focusing on skill development, physical conditioning, and mental strength.

SNSA’s Squash program is designed to nurture young talents into world-class athletes with state-of-the-art facilities and personalized training plans. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, our comprehensive program will nurture world-class skills and power you to excellence in the dynamic sport of Squash.

Sports Science Department Responsibilities

SNSA’s Sports Science Department comprises a group of highly qualified experts whose mandate is to carry out specific applied research and develop innovative and new approaches for training and performance enhancement across the integrated sports program.

The sports science team specializes in seven aspects: Strength and Conditioning, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Sports Physiology, Talent Identification, Sports Nutrition, Research, and Quality Assurance. The specialist departments use the same three-tier method: Identifying talent, Developing potential, and pushing sports science research forward.

Program Organization

It is paramount to have organized and progressive planning to ensure the appropriate development of the athletes in each age category, according to their ability level and capacity to learn.

The year is divided into two main phases the pre-season phase and the competition phase. Due to the ecosystem in which the Academy is inserted, pre-competition phases need to be planned during the second phase before the athletes participate in various meets to ensure an adequate periodization.

Phase I focuses on :

The introduction of sports-specific principles, models, and development of the technical and tactical aspects of respective disciplines. Attention is also paid to the physical and psychological preparation of the athletes.

Phase II focuses on :

The consolidation of all aspects of athlete development, technical, tactical, physical, and psychological, to optimize performance during competition periods.

Competitions :

To continue enhancing their skill development, all our student-athletes depending on their developmental stage participate in the following competitions:
.  Schools games
Local tournaments and Leagues
.  State Level competitions
.  National Level Competitions
Regional and International competitions

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