CLP (Customized Learning Program)

What is CLP?

We understand that student-athletes always have demands on their time through training, matches, and tournaments. Our CLP is designed to take into account the time pressures placed upon the students. Our flexible educational curriculum provides a tailor-made academic schedule to the athletes, built around their sporting commitments. We encourage and provide all means to our students to balance their pursuit of sporting excellence without compromising on their academics. We create lifelong learners who can balance sports as well as academics. We use technology and individualized teaching strategies to ensure that
every student is able to continue learning toward the targeted outcomes.

CLP ensures that the needs of every student are catered for. Feedback, content coverage, individual teaching, an online portal, and extensive teaching resources, all ensure that the academic program complements the sporting developments and allows the students to flourish academically, emotionally, socially, and in sports.

Objectives Of CLP - Customized Learning Program

  • To use the curriculum and teaching methods based on the skills and needs of individual students, keeping in mind the respective sport he/she is pursuing.
  • To consolidate the subject knowledge in various subjects, and improve the learning process and its effectiveness.
  • To improve skills such as communication, problem-solving, self-management, self-learning, critical thinking, imagination, and application of information technology.

We Make CLP Successful By Providing

. Step-by-step instructions at the student’s own speed without skipping content.

. Different resources and methods in the class.

. Regular assessments and practice activities with constant feedback.

. One-on-one guidance to allow for more individual focus.

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